Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain

About Ryan Zieman 

Hi, I’m Ryan! A Chicago native and avid traveler, I graduated from DePaul University in June 2013 and then moved my life 4,000+ miles to Madrid, Spain. Combining my passions for business and Spanish, I taught business English to employees and executives at top multinational companies for two years.

Today, I’m back in Chicagoland as I continue to teach English classes to students around the world via Skype and freelance in digital marketing. I love how this keeps me connected on an international level, while being close to friends and family.

My creative side shines through via Instagram snapshots, Pinterest pins, and here on my blog where I can share my adventures. I hope that my enthusiasm for (or addiction to) social media and passion for travel will lead me to the perfect career. I’m always in search of my next professional project.

I really enjoy photography, graphic design, cooking, and eating all types of cuisine. Fitness and wellness are also important parts of my life, and I completed my first half marathon in May 2014. Traveling by my taste buds is one of my favorite hobbies, whether visiting the Taste of Chicago or trying out a new recipe at home. I’ve been called a foodie and graduated Tuscan Wine School in Siena (not to sound snobby).

Rock 'n' Roll Half

First Half Marathon!

A fast-paced life in the city, fueled by coffee and overwhelming ambition is how I thrive. This being said, I’m always seeking ways to relax and remember what’s important in life. I savor those quiet moments when I can really listen to the sound of my footsteps and be completely mindful of my urban environment.

Join me as I take on life’s journey one day at a time!

P.S. Here are some of my favorite memories abroad =)

Cycling in Madrid Outing

Cycling With Workmates

Training Express Staff 2015

Training Express Staff 2015

About my blog – Urban Serenity

For many people an urban environment is anything but tranquil. Maybe images of a yogi meditating in Times Square come to mind when you first hear the phrase ‘urban serenity’. This blog is about finding those people, places, things, moments, and (sometimes unusual) experiences that bring peace to a city dweller. The urban jungle can be a daunting exploration, but you’re in good hands and on this blog you will find hidden gems from my adventures in Chicago, Spain, and across Europe – for now!

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