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Off the beaten path in Toledo, Spain

When I first arrived in Spain about one year ago, I thoroughly explored my new home, Madrid, and settled down into my work schedule before itching to travel once more. I had spent much of my first month in Madrid with new friends, colleagues, and the jamón-loving Madrileños (I even lived with one). Feeling a […]

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Next Stop: TBEX Europe in Athens

I’ve dreamed of going to Greece. I imagine lying out on the beach of a sun-kissed Greek island with every vista draped in vivid blues of the sky and sea contrasted only by white washed hillside villages and all the feta cheese my heart could desire. This idyllic scene from my mind has only been positively […]

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Gladiators in Spain?

Yes, that’s right! Turn back the clock to 25 B.C. and the Roman city that would eventually become current day Mérida was taking form under the rule of Emperor Augustus. The city was then aptly named Emérita Augusta. Located a little over three hours southwest of Madrid, the capital of Extremadura is best known for […]

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Córdoba in Full Bloom

Train ticket? Check. Bus tickets and hostels booked? Check and Check! An hour ago I had no plans for the weekend. After doing quite a bit of international travel the last few weeks, I thought a lazy stay-cation in Madrid might be just what the doctor ordered. Wrong. In less than an hour I had […]

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Stomping on Grapes

Persuaded by the prospect of crushing grapes and a free lunch (Hey, who said there’s no such thing?), I just couldn’t wait for the infamous wine outing. I’ve heard stories about this company-sponsored afternoon. Past International Recruits, like myself, have had one glass (or several glasses) too many and posed for scandalous photos that later surfaced […]

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Brighter than the Sun in Málaga

I am NOT a morning person! On a good day, I can’t pry myself out of bed before hitting the snooze a dozen times and then I don’t feel fully human until midway through my second cup of café con leche (coffee with milk). I suppose you can take this coffee addict out of the […]

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Aranjuez – A Truly Royal Escape

Spring seems to arrive early in Madrid (at least by my Midwestern standards) marked by daytime highs that can flirt with the upper 70’s as early as March. It was on a warm and sunny Saturday morning when my friend and I boarded a commuter train from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol station headed for a […]

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Valencia – Sun, Sand, & Paella

As the last bus to Madrid begins its four-hour journey from the Mediterranean city of Valencia, the taste of white wine lingers on my tongue and sun-filled memories are already forming in my mind. A beach weekend away from the chilly autumn air and reminders of daily life in Madrid was just what the doctor […]

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Finding Beauty in Bilbao

In the weeks leading up to my trip to Bilbao (Bilbo in Basque), I was faced with one of two reactions (and sometimes both) from my Spanish friends as I shared the news:  “Why?…San Sabastián is more beautiful.” or “The food is the best in Spain!” Although I can’t vouch for the former, I certainly […]

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